Welcome to GRG!

GRG is a incorporated company, who have been based in Hong Kong since the 1980’s. With strong ties in the Sub continential Asia, South East Asian and China markets our company has been able to trade and source all variety of products.

Our trade range has increased to include complete watches, cases, dials, straps and batteries. Our staff is experienced and dedicated to our customers, aiming to provide the highest level of service. We have staff members fluent in English, Cantonese, Mandarin and Hindi. We are always looking for young business to support and new products to promote.

Watch Movements

There are 5 watch movements that we handle and distribute: P8, SL2035, EZ68, SL68, and Y128.

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Watch Batteries

We handle 3 of the major watch battery brands; Maxell, Sony, and Seizaiken. CR batteries also available if required.

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Consumer Electronics

GRG has developed ties with large distributors of brand name consumer electronics. We handle most personal products such as smartphones and tabled PC’s, brand names such as Blackberry, Samsung, Nokia, and even Apple.

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Wine Distribution

GRG Wine & Liquor is a home delivery service for high end liquor and wine brands. We cater to individuals needs and offer quick delivery to home, business or event halls for private functions.

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